Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Genealogy Blog?

Good question. The only answer that I have is that I wanted in on the fun everyone else was having.

I already have a blog called Family Tree Discoveries that I have been using for over a year to post information that I have found about my family while doing genealogical research. This blog has connected me to others that are doing the same research and it has been great. But I wanted another blog to post my opinions about the genealogy industry. I read lots of other genealogy blogs and I wanted to be able to add to the conversation that everyone else was having. So I started another blog.

What do I want out of this website? I want to voice my opinions about what will help my genealogical research. What do I want in software to keep me organized? What do I want in conferences to help me learn? What databases to I want to see online? Where do I want to go to do research? Who do I want to meet? What questions do I want answered? That's why I chose to name this new blog: Tina's Genealogical Wish List. It's all about what I want to see to make the industry even better. It's also about what I have found that works for me.

So why do I think I would be a good blogger for these questions? Mostly just because I am a blogger. I also want to get more people interested in genealogy.

Who am I? My name is Tina Lyons and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana (yes, aren't you jealous that I live so close to ACPL). I am a 27 year old married for almost 4 years to a wonderful husband. I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology: Early Childhood Education and a Master of Education for Early Education (PreK-Grade 3), both from Ohio State. I substitute teach and love it. Since I only work part time, I have lots of time to work on my genealogy. I originally started my genealogy last spring as a project to keep me the boredom away over the summer. But before the summer even started, I was addicted. I have 3 grandparents still living and am very lucky to get to pick their brains when I have questions about their lives (which I need to do more often).

I hope that you enjoy this blog and let me know what else I can add to make it even better. Email me at genwishlist [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Sounds like a great topic. I'll follow!

  2. I've just added you to my feed reader! And yes, I'm TOTALLY jealous that you live so close to ACPL :-)