Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Planning My 2010 Conference Schedule and Budget

One of the things that you will learn about me as you read this blog is that I like to plan ahead. Way ahead. I'm kind of obsessive compulsive about knowing what's going to happen way in advance.

Today I was working on a list of genealogy conferences for 2010. I am trying to figure out which ones I want to attend (all of them) and which ones I can afford and have time to attend (a few). It really annoys me when I read about a genealogy blogger going to attend a conference that I didn't even know about until the week of the event. "If I had only known about it, I would have gone." So I am making this list to help me and others stay on top of things and plan ahead to get the most out of the year.

Here is the list of "major" conferences and institutes that I have found for 2010:
Another conference is the New England Regional Genealogical Conference which is held in odd years. So it won't be held in 2010.

I know that there will be more Family History Expos announced for 2010.

My list is region specific since I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Right now I know for sure that I will attend the Indiana Genealogical Society Conference because it's in Fort Wayne. I will most likely attend Samford in June. I'll probably go to the Ohio conference on Saturday at least since Toledo is only 2 hours away. I want to attend FGS because it is in August and I won't have to take off work, but I might be out of budget by then.

I'll also attend some smaller workshops and seminars at ACPL that pop up over the year and others that are nearby that interest me.

What other genealogical conferences and events should I consider attending? Which ones should I put on my list so that I least I will know about them in 2011? Leave a comment or send me an email to genwishlist [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Right now it appears that many of the geneabloggers may be attending FHE10 Mesa - especially since some of us will need a break from the winter weather! And I also can't mention Jamboree 2010 enough times - it is different than almost any other genealogy conference in terms of energy and opportunities to socialize with other genealogists of all levels.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Thomas. I really want to go to the Jamboree but it conflicts with Samford next year and that's what I'm leaning towards. Maybe I'll try to go to Mesa, but it conflicts with my work schedule (i.e. the school year).