Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I Take to the Library

Today I made a trip to the Allen County Public Library. I wanted to track down a two new lines that I had found on my last trip. I didn't make any real breakthroughs today, but I did find when a few people had died and where they were buried.

What I wanted to talk about today is what I bring with me to the library:
  • Netbook (for checking library catalog, database searches, and most importantly Twitter and Facebook breaks)
  • Flash Drive loaded with RootsMagic-To-Go (just finally installed this on a flash drive today and really liked how easy it was to run and take my existing database with me on the go)
  • 1-inch Binder including: genealogy files (family group sheets), list of resources to check, paper for notes, map of library, library resource sheets
  • Digital Camera for taking photos of books (haven't tried this on microfilm but ACPL has digital scanner that allow you to save to flash drives or email to yourself).
  • Change for copies (I don't copy much but if I have something that I want to write on, I'll make a copy. Ex: cemetery listings to check off who I found already)
  • Library Card to validate parking
I don't take much with me to the library. It helps that I can go whenever I want to ACPL and don't need to do 5 years of research in one weekend. Most of the things on my list I will blog about separately soon.

What do you take to libraries and archives? What else will help with a research trip? Leave a comment or send me an email to genwishlist [at] gmail [dot] com.

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