Monday, August 3, 2009

Wishing for a Census Enumerator Index

I really wish that the enumerators on the census had been indexed. I always forget to check this information when I get a new census record. It's not needed for the citation and I don't write it on my transcriptions.

I have found one of my ancestors, Thomas Russell MATTHEWS was an enumerator in the 1850 census in Bloomfield township, Jackson county, Indiana. It show how he spelled his name (2 Ts) and what his handwriting looked like.

Of course the handwriting will only matter if you are viewing the original. Did the original enumerator make the state and local copies or did someone else? Was the original or a copy enumerated? Never thought about that before. Going to have to do some more research on the census records.

It's also helpful to know who to blame for the sloppy handwriting or who to thank for the perfect handwriting. (I sometimes wish I could give a donation to those who took the time to write nicely.)

I wonder how many of my ancestors I have missed as enumerators on the census. How many have you found? Leave a comment and let me know.

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