Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Attempt to Finish my Genealogy To Do Lists

One of the things I love to-do is make to do lists. The problem is that I never seem to actually do what's on the to-do list. I just like to make them. Stuff eventually gets crossed off the list, but I can never find the motivation to focus and do what needs to be done.

So I have decided to post my monthly genealogical to-do lists here on my blog and maybe if it is out there for everyone to see I might actually do what's on the list. (Of course I might just find that blogging my to-do list is more fun than doing what's on it and nothing will change.)

Tomorrow I will post my October to do list. But today I want to wrap up my September to do list.

September was a rough month for me because school started back and that meant work started back for me. I work as a substitute teacher and in the past few years I have had slow Septembers. It is the beginning of the school year and not many people are taking off. So I had this in mind when I made my September list. But for whatever reason this year, I have been extremely busy. I have worked all but 4 days this month, and one was a sick day for me.

Looking back at my September list it wasn't actually that long (for genealogy related tasks).
My goals were:
  • Go through my bookmarks and add the info to my genealogy database and file bookmarks to keep away
  • Finish my genealogy courses through the University of Toronto's National Institute for Genealogical Studies
  • Back up my hard drive
  • Do a marriage chat in Second Life
I started 2 classes in August from the University of Toronto and finished them mid-September. My next course starts next Monday. I backed up my hard drive. I did my Second Life chat.

That leaves me with the bookmarks. I really need to think of a better system for saving my finds when searching. I love the hunt, but I really need to focus on entering what I find and sourcing that info in my genealogy database before I start searching for another family. I did make a good dent in my bookmarks, but I also created more in the process. I really need to deal with my MATTHEWS family folder of bookmarks because I'm starting to forget what I was finding.

I also have a to-do list of things I want done before the end of the year.
I started working on resourcing the EISWERTH side of my family tree this week. I made a break through and found census and naturalization records for my KAVCIC/KAVCHICK/COUCHE/whatever-they-decided-their-name-was-that-week-family. That is a Madness Monday post waiting to happen. Since this side of my family tree ends up in Austria and Germany fairly quickly, I only have 2 more family groups to do. So this will be an October goal instead of a year end goal.

I started experimenting with Ancestry's My Canvas to create the coffee table book. I like how it is coming together, but I have some photo editing to do and tough choices on which photos to include. I hope to have this done by Thanksgiving to give everyone a chance to order the books for Christmas.

So I didn't do too bad with my September list, and I still have most of today to tackle some more bookmarks. Of course the EISWERTH line is all over my desk, so I'll probably just work on it today. Check back tomorrow for my October to-do list.


  1. Tina

    I admire your commitment to this - I think posting a to do list publicly is a great idea. It follows the same thinking of posting your genealogy New Year's resolutions on your blog which many of us did back in January. I wonder how many of us have actually gone back to see what progress we did or didn't make!

  2. I agree with Thomas; this is a good idea. I do a little bit of that in my Family Newsletter posts, but I haven't included organizational-type tasks such as your bookmark project. And if you are like me and make written "To do" lists - they tend to get lost, whereas you can always go back to your blog and check what you need to do!

  3. You are not alone! I too love to create to-do lists! Lists, outlines, schedules I love them all! It's the follow through I have the problem with! Good luck in your follow through.