Monday, October 5, 2009

My Genealogy Surprise Package - Part 1

On Wednesday, I received an email from my aunt that she had sent me a genealogy package. I was so excited, but I had to wait until Friday to receive it. She didn't tell me what she had sent, but I had high hopes. I knew that she had been taking pictures of gravestones of our ancestors and that she didn't know how to send pictures electronically. So I assumed that she was just sending me a box of pictures that I would have to scan and add to my database.

When I opened the box, I found a manila envelope and a binder. The binder contained copies of my grandmother's genealogy research. Research that my grandmother told me my grandfather had convinced her to throw away. I was so excited. The binder contained family reports on both her ECK and HAEFNER lines. (Just in time for me to start resourcing those lines.) It also contains copies of lots of obituaries and funeral cards. (Now I just have to figure out a way to get the originals passed on to me.)

Unfortunately, most of the information in the binder is unsourced. But it can be used as a guide for my research. I'm also finding things that make no sense with my research.

For example, I started resourcing my BLITZ line this weekend. Eva Catherine BLITZ married Frank A HAEFNER. Eva's parents were Valentine BLITZ (my fav ancestor, due to his name) and Margaretta LUTZ. In the research binder I received, they have a child Lena (1895-1956) who married Frank GAUS (1911-1972) and a child Magdalena (1864-1926) who married Frank GAUS (1863-1932).

In the census records, there is no Magdalena. There is a Margaret, who goes by Maggie sometimes, born about 1861. There is also a Lena/Selanose, born about 1864. The Lena in the binder can't be Valentine's child because she would have been born 15 years after the last child. I looked for the GAUS family in the census and I found them, but no proof that they are related to the BLITZ family.

This family has to be related somehow because why else who my grandmother keep current records on the GAUS family. There are obits and pictures of the GAUS family. So they must be related, but I can't figure out how.

This is my first endeavor with someone else's raw research. I have used family history books before. I have corresponded with people researching the same lines. But this is like a binder of stuff I don't know know how to begin to tackle.

Next time I will write about what was in the envelope.


  1. Tina,

    Sounds like a great surprise. Congratulations !!

    Have you thought about making that Notebook as your Source, enter the information into your database, then add the additional or differing Source-Citations as you find them?

    I have a number of years of a surname newsletter and have used that as a Source and entered that into my database, Its been fun trying to prove AND disprove the information in those news letters. It has helpe me report both positive searches and recording those negative sources that we / I find along the way.

    Looking forward to hearing what was in the envelope.


  2. I was going to suggest the same thing - using the notebook as a source.