Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Genelogy To Do List Excuses

Today is the last day of October and it is time to review my genealogy to-do list for October. This was not the best month to start this to-do list accountability idea, but I will get to that later.

Here was my list for October (in red):
  • Deal with the bookmarks. Get through all the MATTHEWS family bookmarks and try to tackle the rest. I almost got through the MATTHEWS family, but I got stuck with the next generation of RUSSELLs. Not convinced that Moses Russell is really Mary RUSSELL's father yet so I can't add in what I have found.
  • Start to go through the "to-file" folder. Deal with any items for the already reanalyzed SUCKLING and EISWERTH lines. Didn't do this at all.
  • Complete new University of Toronto - National Institute for Genealogical Studies course: US: Probate Records. Finished!
  • Order death certificates from England for John ELVEY and his wife Ann. Finished and entered into database!
  • Work in Vevay Newspaper Index. Complete a year a week (4 years: 1878-1881). Finished 2 years.
  • Attend Military Symposium at Allen County Public Library on October 9&10. Done and really enjoyed the info.
  • Attend International Black Genealogy Pre-Conference at ACPL on October 29. Done and hope they do this again. Tony Burroughs is an awesome speaker!
  • Attend Scrapbooking (for genealogy) at ACPL on October 17. Done and got some ideas of projects to share my genealogy with my family. One idea was to use a scrapbook album and up a family group sheet on one side and photos/memorabilia of the family on the other.
I also created some longer term to-do lists.

By the end of November I need to:
  • Finish compiling coffee table book for my grandfather's WWII photos so that family can order them for Christmas. Finished putting the book together using MyCanvas. I chose MyCanvas because of the price being low and having a coupon code. Now I just need to get orders from the family by November 15. I have also started adding the photos of other soldiers in my grandfather's collection to my blog on Wordless Wednesdays.
By the end of the year I want to:
  • Finish sourcing ECK line. Working on it.
  • Get through all bookmarks. Need to stop making more.
  • Get through to-file folder. See above.
So as I said, this was not a good month for my to do list. But I have good excuses.
  1. As soon as I created my to do list for October, my aunt sent me an email that I had a package coming. It included gravestone photos, which I have added to my database and uploaded to Find A Grave. It also included a binder of my grandmother's research, which I haven't even begun to tackle. I now have photos for Tombstone Tuesday.
  2. Then I received an email from a STULL cousin (who saw my blog post about the family). He sent me lots of new information, including bible records, grave photos, obituaries, and more. I transcribed the bible records, but I haven't begun to enter the data yet.
  3. Lastly, I got another package from my aunt. This included a binder of research on the DINCHER family, including my EISWERTH family. I spent the day yesterday adding all this new information and scanning the photos from the book. So this binder is on my shelf and done for now. I have also put my dad on a mission to find the original photos and get me scans (which should be interesting in my technology lacking extended family).
  4. After getting all this information about my own family, I finally convinced my husband that he should start his genealogy too. He has been interested in finding some stories about his family after hearing all about mine and making fun of my relatives. He talked to his dad and got information on his paternal great-grandparents. So I spent a few days researching his family, with the help of the online Ohio death certificates, until I realized that I shouldn't be doing his family when I needed to work on my own. So I made a resolution to only work on his family when he wants to work on it. (We'll see how long that lasts since I love the search.)
I think that getting all this new information and starting my husband on a genealogy journey are good reasons for not finishing what I set out to accomplish. Work has been very busy. Lots of teachers are out sick or out taking care of their kids with the flu. I'm sure that November will be busy too. Tomorrow I will post my November To Do list.

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  1. I like this idea. Maybe if I start posting my monthly to do list for the world to see, maybe I will start getting more accomplished.