Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Where is Wyoming Street Cemetery?

My dad's side of the family hails from Williamsport, Lycoming county, Pennsylvania. One of the great things about researching there is that there are lots of online newspapers. I have found tons of information about my ancestors in these papers.

I keep finding obituaries that mention burials at Wyoming Cemetery or Wyoming Street Cemetery. But I was never able to figure out where this cemetery was located. (Obviously Wyoming Street right?) I checked the Lycoming county genweb and genealogy society websites. I found a great map to all the cemeteries in Lycoming county, but no Wyoming Cemetery listed.

One of these obituaries was for John E EISWERTH (1875-1937):
Well look at that. There is his tombstone. This was one of the photos in the set my aunt sent me in my surprise package.

So where was this photo taken? Saint Boniface Cemetery in Williamsport, located at the corner of Penn Street and Wyoming Street.

My dad asked my grandfather, who used to dig graves at St. Boniface, about this cemetery as well. My grandfather believes that Saint Boniface bought up the older cemetery at Wyoming Street. There is an old section of Saint Boniface Cemetery with many unreadable stones. I figure this is where my favorite ancestor, Valentine BLITZ is buried.

This also means that mentions of Washington Steet Cemetery corresponds to the Williamsport Cemetery on Washington Boulevard.

I hope that this reminds others to check for name changes of cemeteries in obituaries and to look at maps of the area to locate where cemeteries are currently located and what they are named.

John E Eiswerth marker, Saint Boniface Cemetery, Williamsport (Lycoming), Pennsylvania; photo taken by DKE, 2009.

Copyright Tina Lyons, 2009

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  1. Good sleuthing and good reminder about thorough research!