Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - The Christmas Tree

After reading Amy Coffin's post about the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories, I feel inspired to blog about the prompts daily (or at least until I forget a day).

I also sent a link to my dad and told him how much fun it would be for him to do this too. We'll see if I get any responses. I think a lot of these questions would be great to ask the older generations to find out what their own Christmases were like. They would make great interview questions and I might also ask some to my Grandparents when I get a chance.

So here we go...

"December 1 - The Christmas Tree
Did you have a real tree or was it artificial? How big was the tree? Who decorated the tree? What types of Christmas trees did your ancestors have?"

We always had an artificial tree at my house. We had the same tree for probably more than 20 years. It was about 6 feet tall and I remember having to help spread it all apart and make it look like a tree. It was a lot easier to do and more real looking than the one that replaced it. There were branches that weren't attached that you could stick in the holes too.

I usually wanted to decorate the tree first and get everything out the day after Thanksgiving (if not before). But my mom usually didn't want to do it yet and I had to wait until I was old enough to drag everything upstairs from the basement. Then I just annoyed her until she would help. Usually I would get tired and bored about half way through and take off somewhere else. My mom never liked how I decorated the tree and had to "fix" it herself anyway.

I don't know about the trees of my ancestors, besides my grandparents who all currently have artificial trees. But I don't know if they always had artificial trees or not. That will be a question to ask my grandparents.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I look forward to reading your posts in the Advent Calendar series. I hope your dad plays along, too.