Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Fruitcake

Day 14 of my Christmas memories for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories made possible by Geneabloggers.
I have never eaten fruitcake and will never eat fruitcake unless someone ties me down and forces it into my mouth. But they should be warned that I bite.

Growing up I don't remember any fruitcakes getting passed around or receiving any. But one year my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I saw packaged fruitcakes at the store and decided to give one to my dad. At our Christmas party with my mom's side of the family, we played our card and gift exchange game. We decided to add the fruitcake to the game, but wanted to make sure that my dad was the one who got it. So we didn't wrap it and put it with the other gifts to choose from. Instead we hid it until we could find the right time to give it to my dad. My dad decided to give my grandma a gift instead of taking one for himself. So we gave him "The Most Generous Player" Award. He probably almost fell out of his chair laughing when we gave him his fruitcake award.

But instead of waiting for Christmas, we would exchange the fruitcake at birthdays and anniversaries and other holidays throughout the year. Eventually we gave my dad a fruitcake at our wedding (yeah, we're weird). My parents found it when they were helping to set up and stole it. So my husband had to go buy another one before the wedding. My brother's wedding speech was all about giving the father of the bride a token for allowing his daughter to be married. My dad saw it coming, but had no idea that another fruitcake had been found.

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