Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Stockings

Day 18 of my Christmas memories for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories made possible by Geneabloggers.
At my parents house, our stockings were hung on the banister on the stairs in the foyer of the house. I don't know why they were never hung by the fireplace. Probably because the Christmas tree was in the living room and it opened up on the stairs. That way every gift was in one central location. They were also the first things my brother and I would look at when we could come down the stairs on Christmas morning. This was one of the decorations that I enjoyed doing because it was easy to put the garland on the stairs and tie the bows and stockings on the banister. It also didn't take nearly as much time as the tree and I didn't need supervised to do it.

We had four stockings, one for my dad (the giant one), one for my mom (red cloth that I think was from something else) and one for my brother and one for me. Besides my mom's stocking the others were the boring red and white furry ones. My mom made stockings for my brother and me as one of her many cross-stitch projects. But then she never put them together (like many of her projects). So we have some half made stocking somewhere.

My grandma also cross-stitched stockings for all the the grandchildren (and she actually put them together!) They were always hung above the fireplace at my grandparents' house.

Both of our stockings would be filled with our presents that would fit in the stocking. (Usually the junk presents.) We would also get some candy.

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