Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grandma's Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - All in One

This past weekend I visited my parents, grandma and aunt. I finally got around to getting all the dates of my aunts and cousins for my database and lots of new photos which I will blog about later. I decided to ask my grandma the questions for the Geneablogger's Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. She didn't remember much from Christmas when she was young, so I'm just going to post all of her answers into one post.

They had a real tree and she remembers that because she had to water it regularly.
She doesn't remember any special holiday foods and said they just eat what they would normally eat.
The family would send a few Christmas cards to close friends and family, but not nearly as many as she sends today.
The family didn't do any outdoor decorations when she was small. After she was married, she would help her mother decorate her house and she hurt her back one year and had to go to the hospital.
The family would all get together over the Christmas holidays.
Her mother made Christmas cookies.
She didn't remember any specific presents that she received, but she said that they were lucky to get anything, usually just one present for each child.
She doesn't like fruitcake.
They celebrated Christmas at school with a treat from the teacher.
Their stockings were hung and an apple or orange may be found inside on Christmas morning.
She remembers many Christmas songs and is tired of listening to them all now.
Before she met my grandfather, she dated a marine/actor who gave her nothing for Christmas. He did give her a cross with diamonds for a present, but not for Christmas. My grandfather didn't give her anything for a long time. After they were married he would give her jewelry such as a watch or necklace.
She doesn't remember visiting anyone at Christmas. They would just open presents and eat dinner.

As a bonus she remembered during the 1930s and the depression how her brothers and sister and her would go to get their rations with her little red wagon.
She also said that her father moved the family around a lot because he said that it was cheaper to move than to pay rent.

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