Saturday, December 12, 2009

SNGF - Another Wish List

This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Randy Seaver is:

Define one or more genealogy or family history databases, that are not currently online, that would really help you in your research. Where does this database currently reside?

I asked my husband what I would want (and after explaining what it meant) he said Pennsylvania records. That is a good choice since I would love to see birth, marriage and death records for Pennsylvania available online and easy to access.

I would also love to see all of the records from Switzerland county, Indiana digitized. I have many of my grandma's family from this county and would love to do lots of research online for those ancestors. I want all of the records: births, marriages, deaths, land, probate, tax, court, newspapers, etc.

Thanks Randy for another awesome SNGF!

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