Friday, January 22, 2010

Follow Friday: Shades of The Departed Magazine

This week's Follow Friday recommendation is for the Shades Of The Departed Magazine. If you have not come across this magazine, you are missing out on a free, online, high quality, informative creation on all things photography related. It is a collaborative work of many authors all put together by the wonderful FootnoteMaven. In the past, Shades Of The Departed was just a great blog about photos, but with the creation of the magazine, it has become something even greater.

The Shades Magazine is a fairly new creation with only 3 issues:
Check out these great issues and learn about photo restoration, history, scrapbooking, preservation and so much more.


  1. Thank you from all of us at Shades Magazine for making us your Follow Friday selection.

    We are so honored!


  2. I LOVE Shades Magazine. It's beautifully done and full of great information.

  3. I cheked it out, they work looks amazing and well worth the visit, Thanks for the info on this magazine