Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Geneealogy To Do List Recap

It's finally the end of January. Just need to get through February and March and probably April to get to some spring weather. Let's see how I did on my genealogy to do list.

For January I wanted to:
  • Start resourcing BASCOM line. I am going to start by breaking this tree in half (BASCOM and HILLIS) because it is about a big as the rest of my tree combined. I'm going to begin fixing the source citations in the HILLIS line. I'm not sure how far I can get this month, but want to finish this side by the end of March (hopefully much sooner). I was actually able to finish the HILLIS side because of a lighter work schedule and no new research leads.
  • Finish two years of the Vevay Newspaper Index. Surprisingly I finished 5 years in January. I went back to making myself work on the index while watching television instead of playing games on my computer. I also really want to finish the index and move on to another project, so I was committed to working on it. There are 13 more years to go.
  • Work on National Institute of Genealogical Studies course (US: Migration Patterns). To be finished in February (if not before). I was able to finish this course today.
I also posted the beginning to an index I am working on for PERSI articles in Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland counties in Indiana. I am amazed how many mentions of my ancestors are in these genealogy articles, but their surnames were not included in PERSI. You can read more about this project here.

I was very productive this month. Of course I still haven't allowed myself any new research and it's starting to show in my work ethics. Hopefully the film I order from the FHL will come in soon and I can start something new.

Check back tomorrow to find out my goals for February. I need to start adding more if I can accomplish this much in one month.

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