Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Remembering Eugene Jerome ECK

Another Senitmental Sunday post from my dad:

Remembering my maternal grandfather by Jim Eiswerth

My maternal grandpa was Eugene Jerome Eck. We always called him Pop-Pop. I think that was because my mom always called him “Pop”, and when we were real little learning to talk, Mama, Dada, and Pop-Pop all came easier. I’m sure he fostered that name too, because all his grand kids called him Pop-Pop.

The Eck family worked a vegetable truck farm but as the children grew up, some continued to work the farm, and others branched out into other things. My Pop-Pop eventually became a mail carrier serving Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He built a nice big house on Woodland Avenue to raise his seven kids. They had a big side yard, and always had a big vegetable garden and fruit trees. Pop-Pop always made his own sauerkraut, and dabbled in some homemade wines too. Pop-Pop was very well read, and a kind of jack of all trades. He would plan projects, draw up the blueprints, and then build it. When I was going off to college, he gave me his drafting set (t-square, triangles, compasses, etc.) that I needed for my mechanical design classes. I used them in college, later at work, and I still have them in my desk at home now.

When we were growing up, Pop-Pop and Grammy Eck would often be invited to our house for the big Sunday noon meals. They only lived a block or so away from us so we visited each other quite often. Pop-Pop was tall, always thin and stood ramrod straight. His appetite was good, but he always made sure he saved room for those sweet desserts. Grammy usually brought a pie. At the table he liked to sit near the meat tray, and would portion our seconds especially to my brothers Wayne and Gary, who were and still are meat hounds. When desserts were finished, we would all still be sitting there listening. He was so funny, and liked to play tricks on everyone, so we all enjoyed listening to his latest stories. The entire Eck family has a great sense of humor, which I’m sure was developed by Pop-Pop.


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