Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finding More than One Obituary for Carley H BASCOM

As many of you know, I have been working on an index to the Vevay newspapers in Switzerland county, Indiana. When I first found out that these newspapers were available online, I started looking in my database and finding death dates of my ancestors and seeing if I could find their obituaries or death notices.

One of the first ones I found was for Carley H Bascom, my fourth great grandfather. He was born 27 Aug 1815 in Vermont. On 22 Dec 1838 he married Elizabeth POTTER in Switzerland county, Indiana. He died 5 May 1889 in East Enterprise, Switzerland county, Indiana. He is buried in the Bovard Cemetery in Switzerland county.

The Vevay Reveille, 09 May 1889

This death notice told me the date of Carley's death (that I knew from his tombstone) and his place of death (which I had figured based on his residence).

After finding a few obits and death notices of my ancestors, I decided that I should start the index to help others find their ancestors and give me a chance to comb through the newspapers to find more mentions of my ancestors.

This week I finally got to the 1889 newspapers. I found the death notice for Carley again. Then I got a surprise. In the following week's newspaper I found under the East Enterprise news section:

The Vevay Reveille, 16 May 1889

Now this is what I wanted to see! Carley's son was H B BASCOM (actually it should be R B, Robert Bruce, probably a typo) and his grandson was E H (Edward H) BASCOM. Carley came with his parents to Indiana in 1816. His father was Gains BASCOM, which I knew from my other research. But I had never found any evidence of his mother's name, Martha.

I thought for sure that Martha was lost and I would never find her name. Had I stopped at the first death notice I never would have found this information about Carley's family. I'm glad that I am talking the time to search the Vevay newspapers for my ancestors because of finds like this!

Now if only I can find the family in Vermont.

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