Friday, February 26, 2010

Follow Friday: Kindred Footprints

This week's Follow Friday recommendation is the blog Kindred Footprints by Sharon (my newly found cousin, see below).

Sharon and I discovered yesterday through her blog and Twitter that we are 8th cousins (I think that's calculated right, cousin calculations always confuse me). Reading Sharon's blog I realized that she and I had ancestors who had lived in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. I was so excited to find someone who actually was interested in the same region as I am (since it seems that my Indiana counties are rare in the genealogy world). Little did I know what we would find.

I sent her some of my surnames from that area and we found a match. Our 6th great grandfather Jacob HAINS. Of course I didn't even know about Jacob yet. Which makes it even more exciting for me to find a cousin and a new ancestor! Plus we have a connection on our WHITMORE line through marriage. We have just started exchanging information and I can't wait to see what we can find together!

As for Sharon's blog, make sure you check it out. Once again it reminds me of the importance of putting our research out there for others to find. Here are a few of her recent posts:
Niagara Road Trip
Sharondipity Strikes Again
I also love Sharon's ancestor bios and need to do this more myself:
John J Manley Jr. (1893-1936)
Edward J Manley (1886-1939)

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