Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Annie COUCHIE

Remembering one of my paternal great aunts by Jim Eiswerth
One of my paternal grandmother’s (Catherine Couchie Eiswerth) older sisters was Anna. Anna was born 25 June 1898 and eventually married George Bernard Schultz. So I always knew her as Aunt Annie Schultz.

Aunt Annie ran a saltwater taffy shop on the New Jersey boardwalk. Whenever we saw her, she always brought boxes or bags of taffy along. My grandmother was tall like her brother Charles, but Aunt Annie was much shorter, and had a more outgoing personality … probably from running the saltwater taffy shop and meeting a lot of different people.

When my grandmother passed away in September 1969, after a long battle with cancer, Aunt Annie and Uncle Charles both came to her funeral. They had just lost their brother Frank a few months before that. Dad asked me to drive them and a few others over to Bastress for the funeral and burial at Immaculate Conception Church. Aunt Annie latched onto my arm and we supported each other throughout the sad services. I was really feeling down as we walked back to the car, and Aunt Annie was still holding on to my arm. She said thanks for helping her get through the services, but she was the one who really helped me. I really loved my grandmother, and it was obvious that Aunt Annie loved her sister.

Aunt Annie went back to New Jersey. Two of my sisters who liked to go to the Jersey Shore for vacations, visited Aunt Annie at her saltwater taffy shop several times. Aunt Annie out lived her siblings and finally passed on 8 April 1993 in Wildwood, Cape May, New Jersey.

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  1. Reading your story reminds me of my grandmother, who passd away in 1995. Like your grandmother she was one fine lady. We all miss her today