Thursday, February 25, 2010

Timeline of the Life of Alice Susan HILLIS

Here is the timeline that I made for the 2010 GeneaBlogger Games and the Carnival of Genealogy. I chose to plot out the life of my great grandmother Alice Susan HILLIS and interweaved her life with that of her siblings and children. I am missing records from her later years as censuses are not available yet. I need to go through city directories more and find out more about the family. It is interesting to see how both families moved around the Cincinnati Tri-State area. I will be writing more articles about Alice for the COG and linking them to this timeline. Look for those next week.

5 Sep 1886 - Alice's parents, George E HILLIS and Mary Susan WASHBURN, marry in Cincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio.
24 Dec 1887 - Brother Joseph Mills HILLIS is born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
13 Dec 1888 - Brother Francis Marion is born in Cincinnati, Ohio
13 Aug 1896 - Sister Sylvia C is born in Kentucky.
1 Apr 1896 - Alice Susan HILLIS is born in Rabbit Hash, Boone county, Kentucky.
16 Nov 1898 - Sister Vallie I HILLIS is born in Indiana
5 Jun 1900 - The HILLIS family is enumerated in the 1900 US census in Anderson township, Hamilton county, Ohio.
Abt 1901 - Brother George HILLIS is born in Indiana.
May 1909 - A child is born to George and Mary.
7 Jul 1909 - The child dies in Ohio county, Indiana.
21 Apr 1910 - The HILLIS family is enumerated in the 1910 US census in Rising Sun, Ohio county, Indiana.
30 Dec 1906 - Son Barret Guy HILLIS is born in Indiana.
29 Feb 1912 - Mary gives birth to a stillborn son, Willard HILLIS.
1913 - Alice's father, George E HILLIS dies in Rising Sun Indiana.
2 Oct 1915 - Sister Sylvia marries Sidney Sayers CLEMENTS in Cincinnati, Ohio.
10 Jan 1917 - Alice Susan HILLIS marries Dewey Francis BASCOM in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn county, Indiana.
2 Sep 1918 - Alice and Dewey welcome their first child, Francis L BASCOM. He is born in Indiana.
19 Apr 1919 - Alice's mother, Mary Susan WASHBURN, dies in Cincinnati, Ohio.
6 Jan 1920 - Alice, Dewey and Francis are enumerated in the 1920 US Census in Aurora, Dearborn county, Indiana.
Abt 1922 - Brother Joseph marries Margaret.
30 Jun 1922 - Son Robert Bascom is born in Rising Sun, Indiana.
Abt 1923 - Sister Vallie marries Fred HESS.
1924 - Daughter is born in Covington, Kenton county, Kentucky.
6 Feb 1926 - Brother Francis marries Mary Ann JOHNSTON in Cincinnati, Ohio.
16 Jan 1927 - Mother in law, Susan SANDERS, dies in Hamilton, Butler county, Ohio.
1927 - Another daughter is born in Ohio.
14 Feb 1930 - Son Robert dies from strep throat in Hamilton, Butler county, Indiana.
9 Apr 1930 - Alice, Dewey and children are enumerated in Hamilton, Ohio.
30 Mar 1934 - Father in law, Willard Theodore BASCOM, dies in Hamilton, Ohio.
1935 - The family is enumerated in the 1935 Florida state census in Plant City, Hillsborough county, Florida.
1937-1942 - Family in the Cincinnati city directories living in Norwood, Hamilton county, Ohio. Dewey is a truck driver.
1944 - Family is in Norwood running G & M Fruits.
Late 1940s - Children marry in Cincinnati.
May 1974 - Brother Joseph dies in El Dorado, Butler county, Kansas.
2 Jun 1975 - Dewey dies in Hamilton county, Ohio.
12 Oct 1977 - Brother Francis dies in Rising Sun, Ohio county, Indiana.
31 Jul 1979 - Alice dies in Hamilton county, Ohio.
12 Apr 1984 - Son Francis dies in Newport, Campbell county, Kentucky.
14 Jan 1994 - Sister Vallie dies in Rising Sun, Indiana.
15 Jul 1995 - Brother Barrett dies in Hamilton county, Ohio.

Alice's two daughters are still living.

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