Friday, March 5, 2010

Follow Friday: Our Georgia Roots

This week's Follow Friday recommendation is for Luckie Daniels' Our Georgia Roots blog.

Luckie's blog is a mixture of her own research and her ideas for the genealogy community. She has some great ideas about the African American genealogy community in particular. I love her honest opinions and calls to action.

This week Luckie had the opportunity to not only hear Dr. Henry Louis Gates speak, but the chance to ask him a question. She represented the genealogy blogging community well by showing that she is the "real deal." Check out her post and hear all about her excitement.


  1. Wow! What a surprise ~ this was in my Google Alerts! Thank you so much Tina ~ I am honored!:-)


  2. To meet Dr. Gates - wow! I've been a fan since his first genealogy series on PBS several years ago. I definitely have to check out Luckie's blog. Thanks, Tina!