Monday, March 1, 2010

The Life of Alice HILLIS - Her Birth

This is part of my series The Life of Alice Susan HILLIS, my great grandmother.

Alice was born on April Fool's day 1896 to George E HILLIS and Mary Susan WASHBURN. According to her daughter's birth certificate and what she told the family, she was born in Rabbit Hash, Boone county, Kentucky.

Although I have no record of her birth from that time, I have no doubts that she was born in Rabbit Hash. Just reading about the town on Wikipedia and on their own official website, I can tell that you would never make up being born there. Of course they weren't electing animals for mayor when she was born!

There is even a documentary about Rabbit Hash made in 2004 that caused my husband to make fun of my ancestors for many days. (Actually I think he is still obsessed with this town. Just wait until I find out about his ancestors!) It's even available to watch Instantly on Netflix.

Although I have yet to prove it, I believe that the family was living in Rabbit Hash near her HILLIS grandparents. Rabbit Hash is just across the Ohio River from Rising Sun, Ohio county, Indiana where the family would later live and where George reported being born.

Next time we look at the rest of the HILLIS children and the family in the census.

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