Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Genealogy Goals in Review

It's finally the last day of the longest March ever. That means it's time to see how I did on my genealogy goals for the month.

Here were my goals:
  • Index 3 years of the Vevay Newspaper Index. I have 10 years to go and really need to finish it soon because I'm getting bored with it and want to do something new. Don't know what yet, but something else. In the past week I have really kicked this project into gear. I finished indexing 8 years this month. I have a year and a half to go and I am so glad to almost be done!
  • Finish using Ohio County, Indiana Death Records film from FHL by March 16 when it gets sent back. (I could renew it, but I'm almost done.) I got the last images that I needed at the beginning of the month and added all of them (and sourced them all) to my tree.
  • Complete blog series on the life of Alice Susan HILLIS. I think this series came out really well. I'm working on turning it into a story in PDF for my relatives and adding a few more private details to her story. I hope to wrap that up next week.
  • Start organizing, tagging and labeling digital photos in Picasa. (I'm tired of not being able to find what I want for my blog.) Yeah, so I didn't really do this. I think I might have added a caption to one photo. But I'm not sure of even that. Since I focused a lot of time on my indexing project, I didn't have time for this project. I hope to work on it next month.
  • Finish going through digital files in "To File" folder and get them filed finally! MOST of my images are filed. There are still a few random ones and a few that I am finding while doing my indexing project. But overall this has been finished. It's not a matter of keeping it that way.
I'm very happy with my progress this month. Once I finish my indexing project I will have more time to work on my photos. I've been indexing on my old laptop which I have kept downstairs and my new laptop has stayed on my desk upstairs. Once I finish indexing, my old computer is going to be retired (or put to other uses) and I'll be more likely to use my new computer when watching television. Labeling all these photos will give me something to help with my ADD.

How did you do meeting your goals?

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