Monday, March 1, 2010

March Genealogy To Do List

This is what I need to do for March for my genealogy research:

  • Index 3 years of the Vevay Newspaper Index. I have 10 years to go and really need to finish it soon because I'm getting bored with it and want to do something new. Don't know what yet, but something else.
  • Finish using Ohio County, Indiana Death Records film from FHL by March 16 when it gets sent back. (I could renew it, but I'm almost done.)
  • Complete blog series on the life of Alice Susan HILLIS.
  • Start organizing, tagging and labeling digital photos in Picasa. (I'm tired of not being able to find what I want for my blog.)
  • Finish going through digital files in "To File" folder and get them filed finally!
Good luck to everyone on their March genealogy goals!

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  1. Thanks for following me. I like this addition in your blog. I should do something like this.It would hold me to my statement to do something. It works and is altogether. It works better than my ** system. It doesn't get to long. It lets the reader know what to expect. It acts as reminder to your self. I like your series right together too. I shall be following you too to see what other good ideas you have [ wink] jo