Friday, April 30, 2010

April Genealogy Goals in Review

We have come to the end of another month and it's time for me to put my goals to the test. Let's see how well I did.

  • Finish Vevay Newspaper Index. I just need to finish the last 2 years and I'll be done. Then I need to sort it and publish it online. DONE DONE DONE! I am so glad to report that this year long project is done. I haven't picked a new project, but have been doing some indexing through FamilySearch.
  • Attach all newspaper clippings about my family to my tree. (I've found lots of great nuggets about my ancestors' lives by going through these papers.) Finished! I can't believe all the great articles I found about my family. All that time going through the newspapers really paid off to give me a look at my family's history.
  • Sort through all the wonderful things I have received recently by email from new cousins and reply to them all. This would be easier if I didn't get such great things from my cousins. My blog has really made me available to them and they are all so willing to share. I finished going through what I had, but expect more all the time!
  • Publish (by pdf) for relatives "The Life of Alice Hillis" story and "The Immigration of William Watson Suckling" story. I did this and sent them off to my dad. I need to figure out who to write about next.
  • Attend Indiana Genealogical Society Conference on April 10 in Fort Wayne. What a great day long conference. You can read more about my time there in this post.
  • Attend Ohio Genealogical Society Conference on April 22-24 in Toledo. What an awesome conference! You can read about my time there in part one, part two and suggestions for future conferences posts.
  • My big project for the month is the one I never did last month. I need to work on organizing my digital photos in Picasa. It will be nice to actually be able to find what I'm looking for when posting to my blog or sharing with others. I was forced to work on this for 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 17, which was good because otherwise I wouldn't have done it at all. I still have a ways to go, but I got a great start.
I did pretty well this month. If only labeling those digital photos wasn't so uninteresting to me right now. I think fixing my database made me not want to organize anything for a while. Now I need to figure out what to do next month. How did you do in April?

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  1. Tina, I'm not sure what your newspaper index project is all about, but if it took 2 years, you need to be congratulated for your dedication and time. Once again, a very aggressive list. You wear me out!