Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Genealogy To Do List

I should be able to get a ton of stuff done in April if I don't get lazy. Spring Break starts tonight and I will be spending it on genealogy instead of beaches. I have two state genealogy conferences to attend this month. I'm almost finished with my newspaper index.

Here is my to do list this month:
My big project for the month is the one I never did last month. I need to work on organizing my digital photos in Picasa. It will be nice to actually be able to find what I'm looking for when posting to my blog or sharing with others.

Anyone else have some goals for April? I know I am ready for Summer Vacation and the time to do genealogy all day for a few months!


  1. You are motivating me to make my own to do list for April. Not enough days in the month I'm afraid! Enjoy your conferences!

  2. Hmm... I should really follow your example and start setting monthly goals/to-do's. More would get done here with regard to genealogy (more records would be ordered!).

  3. Tina, I'll be looking forward in hearing about the conferences (I'm a member of OSG also). I used to make these kinds of lists, but found out I was really lazy at keeping my goals. Good luck with yours. Organizing photos, that is a lost cause for me, good luck with yours.

  4. I love how organized you are - it totally inspires me. So, in that spirit, here is my list of "April Things to Do".

    1) Finish organizing my paper and digital files. Over the past month I've switched from my old binder system to a color-coded "folders for couples" system which is working very well for me so far. Since then I've been scanning every paper file and printing every digital file (except for photos) so the two files are identical. This has been a huge chore, but I now only have 7 more folders to scan/print.

    2) Sourcing. Even though I've been diligent about not accepting info into my tree without proper primary and secondary sources, I've done a crappy job of documenting those sources. That is my next big chore and one I'm sure that will last long beyond April.

    3) Photos. Organize and label all photos. This will be another doozy, but figure I'd list this for an April start.

    4) Find A Grave. Post all ancestors and other relatives whose cemetery locations are known on Find A Grave. Request photos when needed. This is now complete for ancestors, but still need to complete the "other relatives" portion.

    5) Genealogy Community. Continue to explore what the online genealogical community has to offer - Twitter, blogs, etc...

    Phew…I think that is an over-ambitious list, but a good place to start…