Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow Friday: The Educated Genealogist

This week's Follow Friday recommendation is for Sheri Fenley's blog, The Educated Genealogist.

If you ever think that genealogists are boring, you just need to read Sheri's blog to find out the truth. Her posts always put a smile on my face (and often make me laugh).

Sheri appears to be starting a blog series called Conference Week, where she is posting her tips for having an enjoyable experience at genealogy conferences. Her first post, Conference Week - How to Survive A Week Away From Home has lots of great tips of what to bring and not to bring to a hotel. I hope to see more of her great (and sometimes outrageous) tips soon.

Here's a sampling from Sheri's blog:
How I Spent My Sunday Evening And So Should You! - Sheri always shares the latest entertaining website for photos.
Red Light District?
A Family Member Found
The Best Monday Ever! - Part Uno - Part Dos
Well No Wonder I Couldn't Find It!

I hope you will check out Sheri's blog and lighten up your genealogy research.


  1. Tina Dahling! Thank you so much for pimping, um I mean mentioning my blog to your readers! We all need to smile more don't you think?

  2. I see you are related to Bovard. My husband, Carl, is from the Scott County IN branch and can go back to the Robert you mention. He can't link to anyone from Ireland.

    He has done DNA and it shows he he is related to all the different spellings - Bevard Brevard Bovaird Beauvard bouvard , etc.


  3. nice post and I will have to see how to survive! I go in panic leaving home. On my trip for a dig, I took almost every source I had in a box. tee hee. My hosts thought I was moving in. Then when I got there I couldn't find it anyway in those boxes at least without embarassing myself.