Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday: Indiana Genealogical Society Blog

This week I am recommending the Indiana Genealogical Society Blog for Follow Friday.

After attending the IGS conference two weeks ago, I am still very impressed with their forward thinking. Their blog is just one example of how they are moving into the future.

  1. Notices of when new products are added to the store. They have been working on the 1890 enrollment lists for each Indiana county and post every time a new county's list is available in the store.
  2. Notices of when new member's only databases are available. It's a great way to keep up on their 2 for 92 project (2 databases for each of the 92 counties in Indiana).
  3. Notices of genealogy events across the state, including county genealogy society meetings.
  4. Updates on indexing and preservation projects. (IGS is currently working on the Indiana marriage indexes with FamilySearch and the Hendricks county Probate Records preservation project.)
  5. Member queries. Instead of keeping member queries for the quarterly magazine, IGS posts them to their website where they are immediately available to members and nonmembers alike. Here is one example.
IGS is providing a great example of what other societies can do with a blog. It keeps me up to date on what projects they are working on and what is coming next. I hope that you will give it a look, even if you don't have Indiana ancestors.

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  1. Good suggestion, I bookmarked the site so I could go back and check it out in depth. Thanks for the suggestion.