Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saving Money with Society Memberships - Part One

There is a new Carnival of Genealogy. The topic for the 93rd COG is:

Write a "how to" series of articles! Choose a topic that you can give helpful advice on and write a series of articles (3+) about it. Series articles require a little more planning and a lot more writing so this next edition will have a deadline of May 1st.

I have decided to write a series of articles about saving money by using genealogy society memberships. Today I will discuss ways that you can save with your memberships. Then I will have two posts with examples and on Friday, I will ask you to submit your own examples to share with everyone.

Everyone wants to save money. But with all the genealogy databases available and society memberships, genealogy can become a very expensive hobby FAST.

But by joining a society you can save money.

Societies offer many education opportunities. From society meetings to workshops to conferences to their newsletter, you can learn a lot by being a member of a society. Those newsletters can often hold the key to your brick wall and give you information you many never find somewhere else.

Some societies offer at home access to genealogy databases. Save your money and join the society where you will get database access as well as the society’s premium content.

Many societies give you a discount on their own publications by being a member. Need or want a lot of books on one area of the country? Join the local society and save some money.

Some societies offer discounts on third party genealogy products. Find the coupon codes or links on the society membership pages and save yourself some dough.

Lots of societies offer discounts on their conferences and other events. Sometimes the combined cost of a conference and society membership is less or the same as a non-member conference registration. Even if it costs a little more, you will get the society membership at a discounted rate by saving on the conference fee.

In this series of blog posts, I am going to work on a list of society membership benefits beyond the members only databases and newsletters. Hopefully you can reduce your genealogy budget by just joining the right societies for your needs.

Stay tuned for the next post:
Part Two - National and Regional Societies
Part Three - State Societies
Part Four - Your suggestions


  1. Congratulations Tina - I am giving you the ANCESTOR APPROVED AWARD! Keep up the good work; I enjoy reading your blog. Follow the guidelines on my post to accept: http://keeperoftherecords.blogspot.com/2010/04/ancestor-approved-award-april-4-2010.html

  2. Great posts. I enjoyed reading them.