Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saving Money with Society Memberships - Part Three

This article is in a series of posts for the 93rd Carnival of Genealogy. I have decided to write a series of articles about saving money by using genealogy society memberships. Today I will discuss ways that you can save with your memberships. Then I will have two posts with examples and on Friday, I will ask you to submit your own examples to share with everyone.

Yesterday we looked at the benefits of some of the national and regional societies.

Now let's look at some state society benefits:

Ohio Genealogical Society
Home access to and World Vital Records
Non-members conference fee - $153.00 (early bird)
Members conference fee - $115 with membership of $32.00 – Total: $147 (early bird discount)

Indiana Genealogical Society
Discount on conference registration ($10 savings)

Southern California Genealogy Society
10% off SCGS Professional Research Team Assistance
Discount off DNA testing with Family Tree DNA
Discount off Genealogy Jamboree registration
10% discount on SCGS Library Store

Tomorrow - Your Suggestions

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