Friday, April 16, 2010

Saving Money with Society Memberships - Part Four

This article is in a series of posts for the 93rd Carnival of Genealogy. I have decided to write a series of articles about saving money by using genealogy society memberships. Today I will discuss ways that you can save with your memberships. Then I will have two posts with examples and on Friday, I will ask you to submit your own examples to share with everyone.

Over the last few days we have looked at the benefits of some national, regional and state societies. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or knowledge to look up all of the benefits of every society in the country or the world.

That's why I am asking for your help. Leave a comment listing the benefits of the societies that you belong. Let us know what databases and discounts they offer. Remember that members only newsletters and databases are great, but we are really looking at discounts and third party database access.

Thanks for your help and I hope you have enjoyed this blog series.


  1. This morning, in my email, I received a notice from the Family History Society of Arizona at A new benefit that is being offered to members is a free membership in

  2. Tina, I have no idea how I've missed this series. I will be going back to reading the post. I need the tips and info, as I limit my membership to only five-seven a year based on budget. I would love to squeeze in a couple more.

  3. BTW - I love societies/orgs that do newsletters or have a blog.

  4. Very nice series. I'm not really helping you here, but I do know some of the bigger organizations have cut back on their offerings. NEHGS (as well as many others) had Heritage Quest, and Footnote, now they don't. Then too, if you don't live near the organization, many times the benefits don't help at all. You are doing a nice service by posting this.