Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - William Francis Elvey SUCKLING in WWI

I finished posting all of my grandfather's labeled photos from World War II. So now we are going to travel back a generation and war to WWI. My grandfather's father served for Canada during WWI.

I found these photos in my parent's collection first. They were not labeled and we thought they belonged my other grandfather. He said they were photos of his friend, but the clothing didn't make sense. So we just put them aside.

Then I went through more of my maternal grandparent's photos and found the same photos in their house. They still weren't labeled, except for identifies another man from Toronto and "me". Who "me" is was still a mystery, but I thought they might be my great grandfather.

Then I found a newspaper clipping attached to a tree on Ancestry. It was a photo of "Gunner Elvy Suckling". The scan isn't very good but it appears to be the same man as the photo below. I'll post a few more of these photos in the weeks ahead.

William Francis Elvey SUCKLING

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