Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow Friday - Free Genealogy Resources Blog

This week's Follow Friday recommendations is a "new to me this week" blog. Dee left a comment on my blog this week and when I clicked on her Blogger profile, I found her blog and its wonderful resources. It is called Free Genealogy Resources and each post contains a great free tool for helping you find your ancestors.

Here is just a sampling of the free sites she has written about:
Arizona Resource - for Arizona death certificates
Irish Resource
Another Massachusetts Resource
Resource of Slavery in Virginia

Dee has also started a series on social networking and genealogy. Her first post covers Facebook and I look forward to more in the future.

Check out her blog, save some money, and find new research avenues!


  1. follow Friday is a great idea, but where do you find new blogs? also, I have a hard time doing one with out lifting something from the page to send them to it. I feel one should show something from there. But have learned since it is a bad way to do so.... so I tend not to Follow that way. I just use the time to follow followers list. You have found some good bloggers!