Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow Friday - Know Your Story.Net

This week's Follow Friday Recommendation is for Brooke's blog Know Your Story.Net. Her blog description says it all:

A blog mostly about preservation of one's past, present and future through photos...but I'm a mom of two, so there may be some rambling as well :)

Brooke is finally make me label my digital photos that I have put on my monthly to do lists and just never felt like doing. She gave herself a simple challenge that I am happy to also be sharing with her. Her challenge is to organize 10 photos every day for the month of May. You can read about her progress on her blog each day and see what photos she found in the bottom of her photo bin.

Check out some of her other recent posts:
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Check out Brooke's blog and think about taking up her photo organization challenge.

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  1. Excellent recommendation - this is exactly what I am trying to work on - including selecting a good photo management website. Thanks for the tip!