Monday, May 31, 2010

May Genealogy Goals Reviewed

I gave myself a light set of genealogy goals this month to give myself a little break before I gear up for a summer filled with genealogy. Let's see how I did:

For May I wanted to:
  • Write an ancestor profile on Willard Theodore BASCOM. (Part of 6 profiles for the year goal.) - I wrote a 3 part series on Willard aka "Dora's" life. Check out His Childhood, His Marriage and Children and His Final Years.
  • Label 10 digital photos a day as part of Brooke's challenge at Know Your Need to label those WWII photos from my grandfather so that I can find them easier. I like Brooke's challenge because I think I can manage 10 images a day instead of just saying that I need work on this. - I didn't label 10 images a day, but most days I labeled well over 10. I was able to label all of my grandfather's WWII photos, finally add my wedding photos to my hard drive and label those and label most of the other photos that were floating around my computer. Thanks to Brooke for finally getting me to do this task.
  • Order FHL films for Ohio county, Indiana wills. (This summer is Indiana probate records summer!) - I didn't do this. But that's okay because it will still be Indiana Probate summer for me and I start ordering the films this week.
This month I also decided to launch a blog series called "Summer of Genealogy Wishes." Hopefully you will see many posts by guest bloggers detailing their wishes for the genealogy community. The first post will be coming later this morning, so don't miss it!

Tomorrow I will post my summer goals.

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