Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Genealogy Goals

I am so ready for summer. But first I have to get through May. May is usually a busy work month for me, so I am going to make just a few genealogy goals this month.

For May I want to:
  • Write an ancestor profile on Willard Theodore BASCOM. (Part of 6 profiles for the year goal.)
  • Label 10 digital photos a day as part of Brooke's challenge at Know Your Need to label those WWII photos from my grandfather so that I can find them easier. I like Brooke's challenge because I think I can manage 10 images a day instead of just saying that I need work on this.
  • Order FHL films for Ohio county, Indiana wills. (This summer is Indiana probate records summer!)
What are your goals for the month? Good luck!


  1. You are ready to tackle May! I hope you accomplish all of your goals. :)

  2. I have never looked at Know Your Thanks for the tip. I have had some family issues of late and have set my May goals pretty low. Perhaps I can work on photos too.