Sunday, May 9, 2010

SNGF - Matrilineal Line

This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun created by Randy Seaver is:

1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Note or status line on Facebook.

Here is my maternal line:

1 - Me
2 - My Mom
3 - My Grandma
4. Alice Susan HILLIS (1 Apr 1896 - 31 Jul 1979). Married Dewey Francis BASCOM.
5. Mary Susan WASHBURN (28 Sep 1866 - 19 Apr 1919). Married George E HILLIS.
6. Lovina MATTHEWS (14 Mar 1840 - 19 Dec 1883). Married Francis Marion WASHBURN.
7. Susan ROATH (23 Jun 1818 - 23 Jun 1874). Married Thomas Russell MATTHEWS.

I don't know anything about Susan's parents, so my line stops there.

I have not done a DNA test to find my mitochondrial haplogroup. (But I do have a DNA test sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be used!)

Thanks Randy for another great SNFG!

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