Thursday, June 24, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 25 - Blog Commenting

The challenge for week 25 of 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy written by Amy Coffin is:

Write one good, solid comment on at least one genealogy blog every day for a week. Sometimes we get busy and the genealogy reading we should be doing just piles up. The same thing happens with blogs. This week, take some time to read genealogy blogs. Select at least one post a day and establish communication with the author. Offer a compliment, a question or genealogy information you may have. This challenge provides a little love to bloggers and some new perspectives for researchers. Authors of genealogy blogs can use this opportunity to comment on comments, so to speak.

Commenting more on other genealogy blogs was one of my 2010 New Year's resolutions. It comes and goes for me. A lot of it depends on where and how I read the genealogy blogs that I subscribe to. If I read them on my laptop, I am more likely to write a comment than when I read them on my phone. If I'm at home, I have more time to comment than when I am working.

But this week I made sure I did a lot of commenting (until I forgot). Here are links to the posts where I left a comment:

Friday - Jamboree Jogging 2010 on Luxegen
Saturday - Ebenezer MacIntosh on Branches of My Family Tree

Then I forgot about this week's challenge, but still left comments.
Sunday - Best of the Genea-Blogs - June 13-19, 2010 on Genea-Musings (I had to thank Randy for including another Summer of Genealogy Wishes guest post in his roundup.)
Monday - Summer of Genealogy Wishes - Databases Should Be Online, Not In Quarterly on my own blog (Yes, I commented on my own blog. I know it doesn't really count, but I had to clear up somethings in my post and it's the only comment I left on Monday. But I promise that I made up for it!)

Then I remembered this week's challenge again.
Tuesday - What's In A Name on Clue Wagon
Wednesday - Quick Moment for Something Interesting on Blog of a Genealogist in Training
Thursday - Conversation - Part 1 on Life From The Roots
Bonus Thursday Comment - Mystery Solved: Disappearance of Eugene Gardos (Part 3) on Guiding Me To The Past

See I told you I would make up for forgetting the challenge. Actually I tried to make up for forgetting on Tuesday, but the blog where I tried to leave a comment wouldn't let me leave comments. Their loss.

I love the interaction that I get from my own readers through comments that they leave on this blog. I need to keep this challenge in my mind and keep leaving more comments to encourage other bloggers.


  1. i think this is a great idea. i love to get comments. that's the only way i believe anyone is actually reading my blog but sometimes i read and don't leave comments. i'm going to do better!

  2. I haven't been participating in the 52 Weeks idea but here and there I read what others have said about what they've done.

    I have been thinking lately about the difference between writing for an audience of one (myself in my journal) and writing on a blog for an unnumbered audience of unknown readers with interests similar to mine. Comments give reinforcement to the blogger that what he/she writes to share is read by others and is of some value. I've also noticed that when one makes comments, others may go to the commenter's blog to read and, in turn, leave a comment.

    I wonder how many others are doing the 52 Weeks and will write about the results of their commenting efforts.