Friday, June 11, 2010

Follow Friday: The Family Curator

With the Southern California Jamboree descending on the genealogy community, this week I recommend one of the attendees and the welcome bag lady Denise Levenick's blog The Family Curator.

Denise has been coordinating the goodies for the welcome bags for geneabloggers at the Jamboree. Make sure the check out all the wonderful companies that have added a little treat for the geneabloggers. Also read Denise's Mother-Daughter Guide to the Jamboree (Her advice could be used at any genealogy conference.) and Jamboree Warmup (a day with her family finding ancestral homes). I look forward to more posts about her experiences at Jamboree as I will be living virtually through all the geneabloggers there.

Denise also writes for Shades of the Departed as Penelope Dreadful. Penelope spins tales based on a photograph.

She also offers free blogger almanacs each month that give you a list of topics that you can post to your own genealogy blog. This is great for those who can never think of anything to write or who are just looking for an interesting topic to spark their creativity.

Be sure to stop by The Family Curator site and see all the other things that Denise has written.

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  1. Thank YOU, Tina, for the very nice post and referral. Mom and I had a great time at SCGS10 and when I recover just a teeny-tiny bit I will do a full post at TheFamilyCurator. I hope we will be seeing you at Jamboree one year!