Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - What My Dad Learned About His Dad - Part Four

This is the final installment of my dad's knowledge about his father. I hope you have enjoyed it; I know I learned a lot about my grandfather.

Some Things I Know or Learned About My Dad…. by Jim Eiswerth

As kids, we went to St. Boniface parochial school and the only sport that they had was basketball. Starting in elementary school, we all played in a church league. Every Saturday or Sunday afternoon we would have a game over at the Curtain school gym. When we were first learning to play, if the final score ever broke 15 points, then that was a big game. I remember watching my dad who brought us to all our games, sitting up there in the stands with the other parents having a good laugh. On the walks home whether we won or lost (usually we didn’t know either) dad would just ask us if we had fun. When I finally got to high school, I grew to 6-3 tall, and could play basketball pretty good. I made the sophomore JV team and then the varsity team. The Williamsport Millionaires, as our school was called, had a nice gym, but what I remember most is seeing my dad up in the stands at every home game. He was there for any of us kids no matter what sport we tried.

Dad was always active and involved with our church. He served on the St. Boniface building committee after the old church burned down. He used his masonry skills to build outdoor retreat areas around the new church too. He volunteered to oversee their cemetery, and helped dig numerous graves over many years. Dad was also active in the Knights of Columbus, in Williamsport. He made his 4th Degree, and served in all their offices. He was part of the K of C Guards, who dressed in colorful tuxes and attended all the area church ceremonies that the Bishop of Scranton presided over. The K of C had annual dinner dances. I remember my mom and dad being all dressed up on their way to the country club. Dad hated to dance, so mom usually got only one dance with him, but luckily other friends would dance with her too.

From his Navy days, Dad developed a real love for airplanes. He would drive us down to the local airport in Montoursville and we would watch planes land and take off. Before the big jets, Williamsport had a pretty busy airport. Piper Aircraft had a plant close by in Lock Haven and we often saw their planes being shuttled around. Dad actually knew one of the Piper brothers, and we got to see their manufacturing plant in Lock Haven. Eventually Piper moved out of Lock Haven to Florida. Today dad’s favorite place to eat is still down at the airport. Air traffic is way down now, but he still get a thrill seeing them fly.

Dad is now 88 years old and has some trouble getting around. His old legs and balance aren’t what they used to be. He still has a remarkable memory, although dad says it is slowly slipping away too. I enjoy talking to dad and mom about every Sunday morning. They are generally upbeat, rarely complain about anything, and keep plugging along with whatever life brings.


  1. Great memories, and so wonderful to be able to remember how a parent went to every game and event!

  2. Tina, this is such a great series! Bravo.

  3. Your Dad's posts are fabulous in so many ways. I am sure you appreciate them for the memories you will have forever of your family. But those of us who don't have our dads around sure do thank you for sharing. And, of course, we thank your dad for his thoughtful words.
    Nancy Hurley