Thursday, July 1, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 26 - Google Books

This marks the half way point in the  52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge. I would like to thank Amy Coffin for this wonderful series. I can't wait for the second half.

This week's challenge is:
Take a stroll through Google Books. Most of us have probably used Google Books in our genealogy research, but have you really taken the time to explore what’s there? Look at the magazines and featured books. Check out the subjects offered. By taking the focus off research for a bit, your mind is open to see other ways this tool can be used. Bloggers can discuss any interesting items they found on Google Books during this exercise.

I love Google Books. I have found lots of information about my family there. I love finding county histories that tell about my family's day to day life and not just the dates and places.

Although I have searched for many things in Google Books, I have never really taken the time to explore it. I didn't know that Google had tabloids scanned. And travel magazines.

Browsing through the books on their homepage, I found that they could use better labeling. For example, The Napping House is a wonderful children's book, but it's not a health and fitness book. And Frog and Toad Together is NOT a cooking book. I also wished there was a way to browse through those categories and find only the full view books.

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