Friday, July 30, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 30 - Emergency Chain

Challenge 30 of 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy by Amy Coffin is:

Create an emergency chain. Select someone you trust to handle duties should you be unable to access your research, blog or other genealogy projects. Chances are that you have an online presence and genealogy friend with whom you are in regular contact. If you are unable to get online for a significant period of time, how will you let everyone know? Use this week to give your contact information to at least one genealogy friend so he or she could check in with you or your family in case of unexplained absence. The genealogy community is pretty tight, and we worry when one of our own hasn’t been heard from in a while. This challenge was inspired by Hurricane Ike and 14 days without power. Bloggers: describe the steps you take to establish an emergency chain to help your readers do the same.

So I really struggled trying to figure how if I should do this week's challenge. Do I really need an "emergency chain" in order to keep my blog readers informed? How much do I really want to share with everyone? Would anyone even notice if I went missing?

But Amy is right: "The genealogy community is pretty tight" and worry about each other. I've seen the community band together to give support when genealogists are sick or have a loss in their family. We have built a wonderful support system.

So if someone wants to be my contact should anything happen, let me know. Otherwise you'll just have to check my Facebook wall and figure out if anyone has posted where I am. I'm sure my dad will have his secretary (my mom) call and find out what has happened.

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