Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grave Hopping With My Mom - Part Two

After finding the Suckling grave in Mount Moriah Cemetery, we drove to the Mount Washington Cemetery in Mount Washington, Hamilton county, Ohio.

The Mount Washington Cemetery website has a database of some of the burial in the cemetery and a plot map. I had already consulted a book at the Allen County Public Library that gave me the plot numbers of the two graves I was seeking: Francis Marion Washburn in plot 39 and his daughter Sylvia Cynthia Washburn in plot 1030. I printed out the plot map and thought this would be an easy stop.

I had my mom stop the car and walked down a hill to find Sylvia's grave. Even with the plot map, I wasn't exactly sure which row her grave was located. But I happened to pick the right one and found her at the bottom of the hill.

Well, that was easy. Time to find Francis, one of my civil war ancestors. He was supposed to be in the corner. But he wasn't there! I didn't want to walk the entire cemetery to try to find him. Many of the civil war graves were unreadable. There was a space where his grave could have been where the plot map said he should have been. It's possible that the plot number that the database gives is a typo. When I searched for a nearby grave (thanks to my iPhone), I found that the database gave it a plot number on the other side of the cemetery.

I was disappointed to not find Francis. Maybe on a cooler day I will go back and try to find him again or write to the cemetery and check on that plot number.

The next day we went to Arlington Memorial Gardens.

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