Friday, August 13, 2010

Family History Trip - Day Three - Family Artifacts

On our first day in Williamsport, our first stop was to St. Boniface Cemetery. On our second day, our first stop was to Mount Carmel Cemetery. So where was our first stop on our third day? It was another stop at the library.

Since I was staying at my aunt's house, I had to make fun of her checking her email on her ancient iMac when she had a brand new computer upstairs. So I spent Monday night and Tuesday morning doing tech support for her (and convincing her she needed high speed internet). While doing tech support, we got talking and she started pulling things out of her house that her parents had given her.

First she gave me a box of VHS tapes to digitize. One of them was a copy of a distant relatives' home movies. It contains my Oma's graduation and my Oma and Opa's wedding in 1946. I uploaded it to Youtube to share with my family.

Then she pulled out his little notebook that was my great grandfather's. In it he recorded lists of the average monthly temperatures, when Indian summers occurred each years, what shows he had seen, and what towns he had visited. It also had newspaper clippings of his first four children's births (there must be another book for the others.) I'm going to start transcribing them and make them into a blog series soon.

Then she pulled out an oval painting of her other grandfather. Edward Charles Eiswerth had died the month before my dad was born. His daughter, Agnes, had this painting in a nice frame. But one day sent the frame to relatives in Florida. But at least we still have the painting in our family.
After doing tech support and scanning the notebook, my parents picked me up and we went back to the library. I got images of the pages that I had skipped the day before and found a few new books to view.
Then we had a birthday lunch with my Oma, her sister and her brother. They were all born on the same day. My great grandfather always said he had great timing.

Then it was nap time. For dinner we took my uncle to the Chinese buffet to see how much he could eat. I think he used to stack his plates higher. Then we spent the evening at my grandparents' house with lots of family. I got to sleep in an extra hour before we left at 5 in the morning on Wednesday.

I'm glad my parents took me on this trip. I'm already making a new list of graves to find on our next trip.


  1. It sounds like you had a great trip in more ways than one. I can't wait to see your posts on your great grandfather's little notebook.

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip. Sounds like it was fun and fruitful!