Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family History Trip - Day Two - Another Cemetery Trip

On day one of our trip, my parents and I stopped first at a cemetery and I found my favorite ancestor, Valentine Blitz. The next morning my parents, two of my aunts and I set out to find more ancestors and my Oma's birthday present. My aunt told her we were going "grave shopping". Who knows what went through her mind!

Our first stop once again was to a cemetery. This time it was Mount Carmel Cemetery in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This cemetery is literally on the side of a mountain. Here we found my great great grandparents John J Eck and Theresa Bank, along with their daughter Irene, son Clyde and his first wife Margaret. (And I mean first wife Margaret because his second wife was also named Margaret).

Here's a photo of my aunts discussing when they went to Clyde's funeral. Notice how steep it is.
My family really got into this cemetery and we could have spent the entire day here discovering interesting gravestones. We saw this one below the Eck graves and had to take a closer look. We thought it was a log on top, but then we noticed the pieces on the ground fit together to make a cross.
Then my dad spotted this one above and we navigated the winding paths to find it.
Next we did our shopping, had lunch and took naps. Then we went to the library were I pulled out my digital camera and got lots of weird looks. But I got lots of information about my ancestors who attended Immaculate Conception Church in Bastress, Lycoming county, Pennsylvania.

We were in Williamsport for one more day before heading home. Guess where our first stop was on Tuesday.

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