Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FGS 2010 - The Arrival

After our 20 hour layover in Cincinnati, it was time to head to Knoxville. But first dad had to make breakfast. He made me pancakes and chocolate milk. But then he was sad that my husband only wanted toast and not an omelet. (Husband said something about how he usually doesn't eat breakfast because his wife won't wake up to make him any. But I don't know anything about that!)

Before I even got out of bed Dad had made us sandwiches for the road. Unfortunately he put mustard on them. This meant that I got two bun tops so that husband didn't have to eat mustard. But it worked out because then I also go two slices of provolone cheese instead of the American cheese.

We waited until the traffic cams on the news showed that rush hour traffic was gone and hit the road. It was a very pleasant trip once we crossed the Ohio River and got away from the city. (The Ohio River where my HILLIS and MORSE families made their money as fishermen.)

Then we got to Lexington and it poured down rain until just north of Knoxville. I'm sure were were driving past mountains, but all we could see was a wall of white. Plus there were waterfalls where the mountains had been cut to make room for the roads. When we could see the mountains, they looked like they were smoky due to all the fog. I guess that's why they call them the Great Smoky Mountains.

We stopped at the first rest area in Tennessee, had lunch, and took a break from driving in the rain. But there was no cell service there, which I found odd. So I couldn't tweet our Tennessee arrival or lunches (with juice boxes!)

We finally arrived in Knoxville. Checked into the hotel. Then went across the street and I registered for the conference. We went walking around the conference center and discovered Curt Witcher and Amy Johnson Crow. Curt said that I am the future of ACPL. That must be because I'm the only one under 80 he sees on a regular basis at the library. Or that I am funding them when I attend all their events.

I decided to sit in on Drew Smith's lecture "Social Networking for Societies". Before hand I talked to some people about blogs. A few minutes into the lecture, the lady next to me leans over and says she is glad that I finally made it. Which I thought was odd until she said she reads my blog and Twitter. After the talk I found out that she was Joanne from Keeper of the Records. I was so happy to meet my first real life blog reader.

Later I met Thomas MacEntee, Amy Coffin, Missy Corley and Tonia Kendrick at the bar. (I know, shocking!) Then dinner with husband and back to hotel to get my door prize tickets ready (easy with labels) and rest for the big, full day of sessions tomorrow.


  1. Tina - what is ACPL? I'm glad you made to Knoxville to :)

  2. Marian - ACPL is the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne.

  3. I'm looking forward to your posts about the conference. I so wish I was there! Reading about it from all my Geneablogger friends is the next best thing.

  4. Tina - So glad to finally meet you face to face and to think it was because we were sitting right next to each other! That was too funny! Hope your enjoying the conference!