Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FGS 2010 - The Layover

This morning my husband and I started our trip to Knoxville, Tennesse for the Federation of Genealogical Societies' Annual Conference. We arrived in Cincinnati for a 20 hour layover. This part of the trip is the bribe for getting my husband to let me go to the conference.

We unloaded the car (with what looks like everything we own) at my parents' house. Then my dad and husband went to the ham radio store and my husband got some antennas and other stuff I don't understand (aka his bribe). Then it was nap time!

We had El Rancho Grande for dinner (the best, fastest Mexican around), took a trip to Jungle Jim's and then got ice cream.

When we got back, I tried to share the DVDs I made from the video tapes my aunt had loaned me on our trip at the beginning of the month. But my dad got distracted by my husband's radio. Eventually he came back and we all got a good laugh at what appears to be a very drunken Christmas of 1987.

We'll be heading to Knoxville in the morning (after the Cincinnati rush hour traffic clears up). I can't wait to meet up with the other genealogy bloggers and let the party begin!

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