Friday, August 20, 2010

FGS 2010 - The Longest Day

Today was the longest day of the conference.

First I attended "Essential Skills for Transcribing and Abstracting" by Linda Woodward Geiger. (While most of the other bloggers slept.) She taught us to collect information efficiently, accurately, dispassionately, and scrupulously acknowledge it.

Then I gave my WWI pension file for William Francis Elvey Suckling to Ancestry's Scanning Station.

Next I sat by Jennifer Trahan and attended "Paying the Nation's Veterans in the Nineteenth Century: Pension Agents, Examining Surgeons, and Pension Office Employees" by Kenneth W. Heger. I really enjoyed this talk because he discussed some of the new records they been finding in the National Archives. The Pension Bureau (part of the Department of the Interior) handled pension appeals for fraud and financial need. These files are not included in the regular pension files. Hopefully they can get an index to these online someday.

Then I attended another session. I'd tell you about it but we were told not to blog. But I can tell you that I talked to the lady in front of me and found out that we both have ancestors in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky!

Finally it was time for a break. I had lunch with Tonia Kendrick, Linda McCauley and Jennifer Trahan. Afterward we spent some time in the exhibit hall giving out our door prize tickets.

In the afternoon a bunch of us bloggers attended the BCG skillbuilding sessions. Amy Coffin, Tonia, Linda, Jennifer and Greta Koehl were a part of the "blogger's row" for at least one class. First up was Pamela Boyer Sayre's "Murder at the Sawmill". What a case study about a murder and all the relations involved. Then it was time for Elizabeth Shown Mills to test our minds with "The Genealogical Proof Standard in ACTION!" She was wonderful and I think I have a much better understanding of the GPS now. The final session I can't tell you about because we were told not to blog it.

In a break, I picked up my WWI file and a 2GB USB stick that should have it all digitized. Now I won't have cut off images.

It was great to spend some time talking with Linda and Greta today since they are always commenting on this blog. (Even if someone thought Linda was my mom.) Greta told me that her daughters think that she loves Elyse and me more than them since she is always talking about us!

Then it was time to hear if we won any of the big door prizes. Greta won something. A bunch of us sat at one table with this great, hilarious lady. We encouraged her to start her own blog since we would all read anything she wrote and gave her all our business cards to get her started with genealogy blogs. Then it was time for cupcakes for the 1812 reception and to see if we won the grand prize of a trip to Salt Lake (We didn't.)

Now it is time for sleeping before the last day of FGS and another layover in Cincinnati.


  1. You are so fast. I haven't even started thinking about writing yet. Must be the age difference. :) Maybe I'll just post a link to your post.

  2. Oh, you all are so fortunate to be able to attend these conferences! : ) I will be following your blogs even closer than usual to see what I can learn from you! I am really interested in the
    "Paying the Nation's Veterans in the Nineteenth Century:...", as I have 2 ancestors (at least) I will be ordering their Pension files. I wish I could go to DC and copy them myself. It would be much more fun than having someone do it for me- I think I mind that worse than paying the $75.00 for each one! I will be watching and waiting for them to get the new Pension info ready for public viewing also.

    I am also very interested in the lectures on Southern Vital Records- especially since I am having such a HARD time with them!! Ugh! lol And the Post Office Records lecture- I never even considered the Post Office as a possible source!
    Thank you so very very much for sharing your knowlede with us poor people who cannot attend these conferences. I appreciate it so much. Sincerely, Jenni

  3. I agree with Linda - you are so fast! I am still uploading pictures from last night (! - getting behinder and behinder with my posts) for my next blog post, so it's taking forever.

    It was so much fun to talk with all of you - hope we have some more sessions in common tomorrow. I won the "Who Do You Think You Are?" book. Which, if you or one of the other Genea-Bloggers does not have yet, you may have my extra copy (I already had a copy! - guess I put my ticket in that box without knowing what the prize was).