Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Genealogy Goals - August Update

I can't believe that July is gone. I'm not ready for summer to be over and work to start again. But I've done lots with my genealogy this summer. I've met some of the goals that I have set and worked on other goals too. Here's an update on my summer genealogy to do list.

Here were my summer goals:
  • Order FHL films for wills and probate records of my Indiana ancestors. I have found lots of my ancestors' wills in the first batch of microfilm that I received. I'm still waiting on the next batch. I hope to get through all the wills by the end of the month and slowly work on the probate records throughout the fall.
  • Order death certificates for my ancestors. I have received 3 death certificates from Indiana and have another one in the mail. Still waiting on the one I ordered from Pennsylvania.
  • Read my genealogy books. I did read a little bit more, but I wasn't in a good reading mood in July.
  • Work on National Institute of Genealogical Studies course. I will be working on the Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 2. I turned in my third assignment and will do my first consultation later this month.
  • Write at least 3 ancestor profiles. This is part of my 2010 resolutions. Expect to see these in August (because I haven't worked on them yet).
  • Visit my ancestor's graves in the Cincinnati area. I did this at the beginning of July.
  • Borrow more photos from my grandma's house to scan. I haven't gotten any new photos, but I did start going through my grandfather's 8mm films. I've posted some of these on Youtube.
  • And the big finale for the summer will be attending the 2010 FGS conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. So excited to go! But first I am off this week with my parents to visit my grandparents in central Pennsylvania. 
Not all of my summer goals will be met by the end of August, but I've gotten a lot done on my husband's genealogy, spent lots of time at ACPL and enjoyed some time in the sun.


  1. Wow, you have already accomplished a lot! Can you describe what an ancestor profile is?

  2. Ginger,
    An ancestor profile is where I write a biography on one of my ancestors, then post it to the blog.