Thursday, September 2, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Week 35 DAR

It's week 35 of 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy. Here is this week's challenge from Amy Coffin:

Examine the Daughters of the American Revolution® Genealogical Research System (GRS). Even if you aren’t a member of DAR, you can benefit from this wonderful database. Look at the page and enter some test searches. If you know of a Patriot in your line, try that name in the search box. If you don’t have a Patriot name, use John Smith. Explore the results and see the type of information you uncover. Bloggers are encouraged to share their knowledge of this great research tool with their readers.

I have used this site before and found that it can give you some great information to learn more about your soldier ancestor. I found my ancestor John Shepherd (hopefully the link works). I just wish that you could order the record copies online instead of by mail. I searched for a few more of my ancestors and found them in the database. Eventually I might apply to the DAR, but at least for now I can find some sources for my family tree through their records.

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  1. Tina,

    FYI. Just this past July DAR made it possible for members to order record copies from the website by using a credit card. It is great!

    You figure out which record copy you want, click on a purchase button, put in your credit card information, then click the submit button. Almost instantaneously you receive an email with a pdf link. Click on the link to open the pdf and you will see the application. AWESOME! You can then save the pdf to your hard drive (or other storage device) for future use.

    I'm so glad to be a member of an organization that has kept up with technology.

    BTW Love reading your blog! Have a great weekend.